Omm Yantra 6x6 (Laminated)

Omm Yantra 6x6 (Laminated)

₹140.00 / Pcs

Product Description

Om Yantra - directs to perfection, protects from the negative impact, attracts positive energy, calms the mind, gives a sense of stability, brings a state of serenity and purity, harmony and balance of the space.\nOM or AUM in Hindu and Vedic tradition, the sacred sound, the original mantra, and “power word" means the UNnamable name of God, the absolute, the Tao, contains the meaning of all Scripture, is the original vibration of the universe.

The infinity symbol of the spirit, the sacred in the world and man. It marks the victory over Chaos. Often interpreted as a symbol of the divine triad, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.\nBuddhism, inheriting the traditions of Hinduism, borrowed the sound "om" as a mystical mantra, using it in rituals. 

The components of OM as the sound and graphics, are interpreted as past, present and future, and as 3 States of consciousness - reality, dream and sleep, respectively. It helps us to connect with our deep essence.


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