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Please go through this terms & conditions page to ensure a hassle-free browsing experience in our website. By disagreeing to the “Terms of Use”, you are not authorized to continue browsing this Website. By moving forward to access the features of this Website, you are simply agreeing to Effective Gems’ “Terms of Use” and thus the “Privacy Policy” as well. All the conditions of this Terms of Use are legally abiding to all the available services mentioned in the site and its all-certified applications. The Terms of Use & Privacy Policy is applicable to both first time & registered users, including all the financial transactions involved.  The company possesses all the legal rights to revise or abort any part of the site functionality or offered services mentioned by the brand for reasons not listed, without any prior notice and legal liability to the end users or third-party beneficiaries. It’s highly recommended to review the Terms of Use on a regular basis to stay updated. The third-party beneficiaries do not have any legal right to the website Terms of Use.

Using this Website, you can trade, negotiate price, read news, and get access to other necessary information, regarding all the rare & hard to find Gemstones and jewelries, price ranging from a few dollars to thousands. Only members have the permission to access particular services offered on Effectivegems.com

At Effectivegems.com, you get recommendations to consult certified Gems & Jewellery experts. However, the website shall not be held responsible under any circumstances for recommendations not being able to meet customer expectations and the financial losses and/or any physical/mental sufferings experienced by the customers that relied on the same.

The size of the products may slightly vary from the actual displayed on the website as a result of faults in the screen and photography angles. Some of the products may appear to be bigger in size than the original ones in order to display all the required details for your understanding or smaller in size compared to the original ones to display the entire product.

Registration Rules:

User registration is mandatory for Website users and to become a Member before making any kinds of transaction/purchase, using our Website. In order to register, a user has to provide his/her Personal Information (mentioned earlier in the Privacy Policy segment) and create an account with username and password.

User registration is a one-time process and previously registered users can log-in to their account, using their username & password. Users can allow the system to remember their username & password for auto-login next time onwards. You will be requested to provide your personal details for registration that includes your name and contact details, including but not limited to, Email-Id, phone number, street address, pin code, and sometimes a question to verify the customers (example: the name of your first cousin, your first refrigerator brand, etc.) that will be asked to the users in case they forget their username or password but still want to login (forgot password/reset).  

Only registered associates can make purchases online. In the event of a customer wishing to make the purchase, the User are needed to register with the website once adding the item to the Add to cart option. The Members shall also provide any other compulsory data required under law like Personal Account Number (PAN) at the time of buying.

Completion of orders is subject to payment approval only. Effective Gems support agents might give you calls to confirm your order and ask you a few questions for verification purposes. The orders will be confirmed, once the verification is done.

In case your bank refuses to process any scheduled payment request made by you, Effective Gems holds all the right to hold/deny/cancel to process the order without being answerable to you.

Product Availability

Availability of the products is subject to the list shown on the Website, and will be modified due to huge demand/priority-based orders. In such cases, Effective Gems may process the items/buy them from the third-party traders and merchants once receiving the order confirmations from your side.


The pricing of the available Gemstones & Jewelries largely depends on various deciding factors such as; Quality, Size of gemstones & diamonds, country of origin, purity of the metal used, design element, & costs involved with the manufacturing, etc.

Shipping & Delivery

Customers need to give all the address details and contact along with an alternative contact number for the delivery of the shipment before checking out. Govt. authorized ID proof will be required for high billed transactions.

Customers need to show their photo identity proof to the courier agents as a part of our security protocol for 100% secure delivery of the product. You are requested to follow the instructions given by the agents to ensure a smooth delivery.

In case a customer would like someone else to receive the product on his/her behalf, then he/she needs to give all the required details about that person while order processing only. Any kind of mishandling/wrong deliverance is subjected to the user authentication only. The company shall not be held responsible for any kind of wrong information provided the customers.

The delivery charges are subject to members agreeing to the all-inclusive cost of the product. The recipient should not accept the product, if the parcel or packaging seems to be opened by someone else before reaching you or has been tampered. It would be better, if the recipient opens the parcel and check the product in front of the delivery agent.

In case of the unavailability of the recipient, our partner courier company will try twice to deliver the parcel. The costs for re-shipment and other surcharges will be chargeable from the customer’s account, if order not received or delivered.

The delivery assurance is subjected to our partner courier company’s terms & conditions. Any kind of wrong address inputs may lead to failed delivery of the product.

Returns & Replacements

Conditions for Return

Our easy & convenient return policy guarantees the legitimate right to the customers to Return & Refund the received Gemstones, if they found to be Synthetic/Artificial by any Govt. authorized/affiliated organization or if the delivered items do not meet the exact product description mentioned on the website. Effective Gems issues a Certificate of Attestation that comes along with each purchased item. Any other use cases/scenarios are not applicable to our Return or Exchange Policy.

Effective Gems guarantees new and un-touched stones that are generally prescribed by the Astrologers. Our marketing policy does not involve purchasing or selling any kind of Used Stones.

Retailers that deal with buyback commerce or exchange of used gemstones follow distinctive Business Models that allow them to buy & sale the used ones.

Being one of the most reliable Astrological Gemstone suppliers in the market, we are committed to deliver only Rare, New, and Untouched Gems that are highly recommended for Astrological use.


NB: This condition is only applicable to the LOOSE GEMSTONES

Any purchased gemstones showing the signs of wear or tear, modification, re-shaping to the original item (by any individual/community other than Effectivegems.com) or in a state breakage won’t be eligible for our return criteria.

Processed orders with a special letter engraving, designing element, any types of customization done, etc., won’t be eligible for return, refund, or exchange.

Customers’ can place their return request within 12 working days, once received the item. All the return requests will be invalid or shall not be considered, if doesn’t meet the criterion.

Certificate of Authenticity

Effective Gems deals only with natural gemstones.
We issue a Laboratory Certificate of Attestation that comes along with each purchased item.

Terms & Conditions for using the Effective Gems Website

  • Users must be 18+ and should not violate the laws of the land
  • The information provided by the users at the time of registration must be 100% authentic
  • Members’ access to the website is only subjected to individual purchase and non-profitable use. Using the website content for personal gain is strictly prohibited.
  • This personal and non-profitable use is subject to:
  1. No alteration of the website content
  2. Using the website image for personal purpose or to do any kind of promotional activities
  3. Copying website content
  4. Or, trying to reverse engineering of the website functionalities
  • You are restricted to do reselling of the products purchased from our website
  • Company has all the right to take legal action against those trying to upload or infect the website with harmful virus or software malfunction that can restrict the website functionalities an create a problem for other users
  • Doing any kind of anti-social activities that harm our reputation that also include spamming and phishing on the Internet is subject to company taking legal actions against the culprits.
  • Effective Gems does not assure or guarantees on behalf of the other users, obeying to all the fraudulent preventive rules or any other provisions that are mentioned in the Terms of Use. You are assumed to be solely responsible for all the compliance related issues that can lead to personal harm or injury.
  • All the information available on the website, content uploaded, image, links, ad data given are subjected copyright issue. People misusing of our website property for their personal gain will be subjected to legal action and Effective Gems has all the rights to do the same.

By understanding this you are agreeing to our terms:

  • All the information provided on the website, content uploaded, and materials used on effectivefems.com website and / or services mentioned in the following sections “as are” and “are available”. The company and its subsidiaries, operational heads, affiliates, management, dealers, employees, channel partners, and license providers disclaim warranties offered on products of all types that includes, but not limited to merchant warranty, obtaining the fitness certificate for certain use cases and non-infringement.
  • We make our best of possible efforts to maintain the highest degree of authenticity by displaying the products available for sale on effectivegems.com in their actual appearance. However, we cannot be hold responsible for the mismatch of size, color, and dimension due to your monitor’s display problem. We do not guarantee that matching to the actual description given on the website as there might be a minimal difference due to different photography angles that are meant to better display the products from different angles. However, we ensure that all the products displayed match to their natural shape color, size, and weight. In the event of price mismatch, we hold all the right to cancel the sale.
  • Effective gems does not take the responsibility of the functionality of the available content, information, and all the materials published on the site and / or all the services listed that include; without limiting to any kinds of third party websites or similar service providers linked to the effective gems website and / or all the available services listed will be provided without any interruption, on a timely manner or free of possible errors, that all the defected errors will be corrected, or all those content tin any kind of harmful components that can affect the website performance.
  • You are solely responsible for downloading any kind of material or obtained the same from other website(s) and / or services providers. If any damage happens to the device you use to perform these actions, you will be responsible for the same.
  • You cannot hold the effectivegems.com or any of its business entity responsible, be it its partners, shareholders, dealers, and everything that comes under the business merchandise.
  • The company won’t be held responsible for any kind of tangible and intangible loss happens due to breaching of the security protocols and the company policies.
  • Any kind of financial and reselling activities performed by the customers outside the knowledge of the company is subject to violation of the law and risk of legal action. Our business partners, suppliers, shareholders, employees, foreign investors, certification issuers shall not be push into the matter. You hold the responsibility to face all the legal and authorized actions taken by the approved bodies.
  • The omit of certain warranty clauses or the on-record limitations are not allowed by a few jurisdictions. It is also applicable for the incidence based or as a result of consequential damages that generally happen. However, there are a few limitations which is mentioned above may not be applied to you. Generally, they fall under sections 14 and 15.
  • Everything mentions and involved in the website that includes all the paragraph, clause, sub-clause, conditions, approval, and provisions and their terms of use are abide by the rule of the land, which is again subject to their difference. Whichever applicable will be valid and the rest to be carefully take to the subject matter experts for the paragraph, clause, sub-clause, conditions, approval, and provisions.
  • Those who are involved in unauthorized or unlawful activities outside the jurisdiction of the law of the land in India or violating the company protocols mentioned earlier in the terms and conditions will be held responsible and bound to face the charges of the rue of the land that is applied.
  • If you found to be breaching the terms and conditions protocol of effective gems, then we have all the right to charge you with any type of loss suffered due to the inconvenience cause by you that includes loss of reputation, brand image, company shares going down, damage to the website, etc., will be collected from you. You have to face all the charges and pay for the loss occurred within a given time frame. As you have agreed to our terms and policies, you are abiding by the rue of the land.
  • Any kind of failure due to unfavorable circumstances the effective gems to apply or push any legal right or provision act of the Indian panel code for the violation of the terms of use will not be considered as a waiver at any cost.

I have carefully read and understood all the terms of use applied to this company and its business models and I do agree.

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