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Welcome to Effective Gems online store! This section of the website is dedicated to letting the customers’ know about our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy is subject to timely change with the Government’s policies/marketing guidelines without sending any prior notifications. So, we request the customers keep looking for the changes on a regular basis.

At, we give the highest priority to the safety & security of our customers’ personal information that won’t be compromised at any cost. By logging in to, you are agreeing to accept the terms & condition of its Privacy Policy and guidelines for using the Website as well. Both first time & registered users are abided by the Privacy Policy of our website.

The “Personal Information” includes any kind of private costumer data that recognizes an individual or can be used to identify, call or track an individual, to whom the data applies, including, but not limited to, Name of the Person, Address Details, Contact Number, Email-id, Bank Account Details, PAN Number, Unique Identification Number, Aadhaar Details, Credit Card Details, etc.

Attention Visitors: Please Go Through the Terms & Conditions of Our “Privacy Policy”

Collecting & Saving the Personal Information in Our Company Database:

By agreeing to our Privacy Policy, you are legally authorizing Effective Gems to gather, save, and make use of all the information given by you on our website for future deals in a legitimate way. The info we collect includes:

  • Your name, contact address details, phone number, PAN number, email address, Aadhaar details, and other valid info that you generally enter while filling the form or during the checkout.
  • All the info obtained through the hard drive based cookies
  • The IP Address of the device (laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) from which you have logged on to our website, the server, and other key details available over the Internet.

For further queries, regarding our Privacy Policy you can speak to our support team anytime at:

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